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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Thursday Thoughts...

Hmmmmm... what's a "Thursday"? It's not a TGIF, it's not "hump" day, not a manic Monday, not a two for Tuesday, and definitely not a weekend... So what is a Thursday? Thursday is my lazy day; Thursday is my formulate plans for the weekend day; Thursday is a take-a-nap day; some Thursdays are my Fridays; Thursday is Country Night at the local Powerhouse Pub; and Thursday is today! Things I've accomplished on this Thursday is a small list... load of towels, made lunch, revamped this blog, started a Flickr account, chatted with friends, finished a book with the dogs lounging at my feet, and drew up a couple of sketches to scrap... IT'S BEEN A LOVELY THURSDAY!!!

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