Friends of Happy Wen!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Triumphant Thursday

So we won the vote and we will be highlighted starting today on KCRA3 Playbook! Gooooo Woodcreek. I have also tagged all the local radio stations that the kids listen to, to see if one would like to come out and join our school spirit, either tomorrow night or for homecoming. Tonight I'll help serve the JV/V supper, and then we'll all go out an enjoy the frosh game. I did get a new camera yesterday, the D90 and boy is it ever SPECIAL! Can't wait to use it tonight, and especially tomorrow night's V game in the dark! This camera is supposed to have no noise at 3200 and boy will that ever make a difference with quality!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Late nights

for over a month now, I've been burning the midnight oil... and it's caught up with me! I caught a summertime cold a week ago, and now it's moved down into my chest and I feel like CRAP! Tonight a friend told me to drink hot tea with sympathy... had never heard of it, but it is hot tea with Grand marnier in a brandy snifter - wow, not only do I feel better, I'm a little tipsy ;) So last nights games - well... the JV blew them out of the water, 62/18 woodcreek. Not such good news for the varsity, however... we lost 14/32 :( We were so hoping for a win. Collin had to sit this game out, but hopefully will get some playing time this coming Friday against Placer - we are home, so that will be waaaaay nice. I'm glad I'm only shooting the JV/Varsity games this week... shooting 3 games in 24 hours, really burned me out... especially with all the time involved, shooting, editing, downloading, making a movie, finding the right music. I can now say I am a "bad ass" at leveraging from google. I found a bunch of music from SpiralFrog (great site), but then found out all the music was "protected" and I couldn't use it anywhere but on my computer to listen to... well, going through the backdoor, I found AllMusicConverts and am happy to say that now I can access ALL of the music for my needs, even downloaded to my ipod. I also found that KNCI has streaming, so nice to sit and listen to the radio - too bad that the Wolf doesn't have the same, as they are my fave country station. I did contact the promotions department at the Wolf to see if they would come out to the Homecoming game on the 26th and broadcast live from our field. Last night at Casa, 107.9 the End was broadcasting from their field - kinda cool! I just figured, we have a good chance to get the Wolf, since we are the "Wolves!" :) Was supposed to go to the MinPin show tomorrow in the Bay Area, but just feeling so punk, I don't think I'll make it. Which is really too bad, considering I was supposed to talk with the minpin club's pres about co-owning a show bitch... maybe next time.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Football Friday

Wow... I can't believe how fast this week has gone! I really wanted to keep up daily with my blog, but... I've been super busy with the two websites - AANC and WHS. I do fully understand now why I've put so much time and effort into the HS football stuff - it has led me to this path of photography and knowing how to navigate and set up my own website. I watched all of the tutorials for my PS actions this week and learned SO MUCH! I know how to retouch any photograph - it's awesome! I will be so ready for Isaac's wedding :) Shot the frosh game last night and really had a wonderful time - they won, 28/20! Tonight is the JV/Varsity game, which I will also be shooting. Should have seen Collin this morning, all ready for Football Friday at school - all dressed up in black - way sharp dressed man! I edited the frosh photos and put them on snapfish in the wee hours - the frosh boys were so excited to see them already up this morning :) I also made a movie with "wipeout" as the music and added that to their page. Okay, back to it... more tomorrow! GO WOODCREEK!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

TaDa Tuesday

It's much cooler.. by far. The Delta breeze is up to 15-20 mph. Had to lower all of the umbrellas in the backyard :) Somehow I've caught a cold - damn... but I won't dwell on that!
Yesterday the ad art session for de ja'vue Salon in Roseville was very successful - had a lot of fun in PS doing up her biz art, and my hair looks AWESOME. Cindy is such a wonderful colorartist! Here's a peek at her new ad art. I had Bob stop by a specialty store today to pick up this same mirror that Cindy has in her studio, for my photography studio - I just think the reflection photos are sooo cool off of this mirror.

Football is going great and the players are loving the website, and I'm having so much fun adding and playing with the site. This Friday we play Casa - GO WOLVES! Here's a line of merged photos of Collin from last Friday's scrimmage - so fun to see him back in the game, even though now he is on the injured list again after using his head to tackle someone in practice yesterday - ugh!

Today we have Miss B and Juno - nothing like having two babies in the house, even though one of them is only 2 lbs and wears a pink collar - LOL. I figured out in PS how to set up my web pages for ApertureArtNorCal, so will be starting to put that together - this is all so very exciting - my new venture!
Wishing you all a wonderful day!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Monday, monday, so good to me...

This morning, I chatted with friends online, accepted a comment to my blog from Norri, edited Collin's FB photos for a new sig line at LM, showered, dressed, 2 cups o'jo, and now getting laptop and camera equip ready to go to a shoot for ad art and get my hair done in barter - can't wait! :)

Sunday, September 7, 2008

So fun!

It was so much fun last night... and the best part... Brian thoroughly enjoyed himself. Bob actually hooked up a cool lighted palm tree to the doorbell, and whenever it was rung, the palmtree would light up and play the awesome music playlist Bob made for the party - of course, all Hawaiian music. The menu was quite fun, also... terryaki meatball bobs, grilled spam w/pineapple, grilled pineapple infused pork loin - yum-o! Bob really cooked a lot, so today... we don't have to cook - YAY!

Today, we're just kickin' back... Collin and Ethan went 4-wheelin at 8 this morning, and they should be back in another hour or so. Col is really enjoying his new truck that Rob gave him for his birthday... it's a 77 ford. It was Rob's dad's truck, purchased new in 77, and then given to Rob as his first vehicle, and now staying in the family by passing it on to Collin. Collin and Bob have done some work on it, and it runs like a champ!

I did have big plans for today, wanting to take down my whole office, pull furniture and carpet out of Dev's old room and start getting ready to make my studio. But... dragin' butt just a bit, what with having 4 glasses of wine last night :) so think I'll just take care of those ambitions another day.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Whew, it's HOT!!!

Just finished up with all the football photo edits, movie making, website editing, uploads - now I can start decorating the backyard for Brian's party... it's STINKIN HOT - thank goodness for the pool and ice water :) Visit the website to see what I've been doing all day @ :)


Friday, September 5, 2008

Gearing up for Friday Football

Seems like this is all I have been doing lately... WHS Football... I do love it, however, and have made some fabulous friends. Just kinda sorry that I didn't get more involved earlier in my kids' HS careers. Last night we went out for Joshie's 21st BD and had a lot of fun... of course I took some fun pix of his first "legal" drink ;) Col, Dev, and Danielle joined us also - nice to sit down to dinner with the kids in the middle of the week. I am trying to get my AANC website put together... which is exciting, to say the least! I've been reading the 3rd book in the "twilight" series, but having a hard time fitting in reading what with everything else that I'm doing for the photography and football. I am learning sooooo much on a daily basis, my head is spinning. The family is doing GREAT. Tomorrow we are hosting Brian's 40th birthday (longtime friend!) here at the house - hawiian theme. Don't know when I'll find the time to actually clean the house - but oh, well... sometimes you just have to say WTF, right?!? :) I am eating mindfully today - cuz that BIG wedding for my DS Isaac is fastly approaching... Hang on... it's wicked hot - need to jump in the pool for a minute... BRB... Awwww, much better!

So, tonight at 4 I'll be heading over to RioLinda to shoot the JV scrimmage game (last preseason game)... then coming home for a couple of hours to cool off - man that turf is HOT! Then going back to shoot the Varsity at 7:30... then coming home and editing all of the photos to post on snapfish and link to the WHS football website. I also have a bunch of coach bios to post to that page - whew... I am deep into time debt with this football stuff, but also realize that my post on the BTP will end December 1st. Oh, and I almost forgot, I have to get the "apparel store" set up on the site, too... now that will be a new venture, having never set one up before - I love this learning curve!

I hope Collin gets to play tonight - he's probably not going to play much this season, due to the fact that he's been injured since the end of the seaon 2006... but oh, well... he's in GREAT shape for wrestling season :) and he's with his buddies!