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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Late nights

for over a month now, I've been burning the midnight oil... and it's caught up with me! I caught a summertime cold a week ago, and now it's moved down into my chest and I feel like CRAP! Tonight a friend told me to drink hot tea with sympathy... had never heard of it, but it is hot tea with Grand marnier in a brandy snifter - wow, not only do I feel better, I'm a little tipsy ;) So last nights games - well... the JV blew them out of the water, 62/18 woodcreek. Not such good news for the varsity, however... we lost 14/32 :( We were so hoping for a win. Collin had to sit this game out, but hopefully will get some playing time this coming Friday against Placer - we are home, so that will be waaaaay nice. I'm glad I'm only shooting the JV/Varsity games this week... shooting 3 games in 24 hours, really burned me out... especially with all the time involved, shooting, editing, downloading, making a movie, finding the right music. I can now say I am a "bad ass" at leveraging from google. I found a bunch of music from SpiralFrog (great site), but then found out all the music was "protected" and I couldn't use it anywhere but on my computer to listen to... well, going through the backdoor, I found AllMusicConverts and am happy to say that now I can access ALL of the music for my needs, even downloaded to my ipod. I also found that KNCI has streaming, so nice to sit and listen to the radio - too bad that the Wolf doesn't have the same, as they are my fave country station. I did contact the promotions department at the Wolf to see if they would come out to the Homecoming game on the 26th and broadcast live from our field. Last night at Casa, 107.9 the End was broadcasting from their field - kinda cool! I just figured, we have a good chance to get the Wolf, since we are the "Wolves!" :) Was supposed to go to the MinPin show tomorrow in the Bay Area, but just feeling so punk, I don't think I'll make it. Which is really too bad, considering I was supposed to talk with the minpin club's pres about co-owning a show bitch... maybe next time.

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