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Friday, September 5, 2008

Gearing up for Friday Football

Seems like this is all I have been doing lately... WHS Football... I do love it, however, and have made some fabulous friends. Just kinda sorry that I didn't get more involved earlier in my kids' HS careers. Last night we went out for Joshie's 21st BD and had a lot of fun... of course I took some fun pix of his first "legal" drink ;) Col, Dev, and Danielle joined us also - nice to sit down to dinner with the kids in the middle of the week. I am trying to get my AANC website put together... which is exciting, to say the least! I've been reading the 3rd book in the "twilight" series, but having a hard time fitting in reading what with everything else that I'm doing for the photography and football. I am learning sooooo much on a daily basis, my head is spinning. The family is doing GREAT. Tomorrow we are hosting Brian's 40th birthday (longtime friend!) here at the house - hawiian theme. Don't know when I'll find the time to actually clean the house - but oh, well... sometimes you just have to say WTF, right?!? :) I am eating mindfully today - cuz that BIG wedding for my DS Isaac is fastly approaching... Hang on... it's wicked hot - need to jump in the pool for a minute... BRB... Awwww, much better!

So, tonight at 4 I'll be heading over to RioLinda to shoot the JV scrimmage game (last preseason game)... then coming home for a couple of hours to cool off - man that turf is HOT! Then going back to shoot the Varsity at 7:30... then coming home and editing all of the photos to post on snapfish and link to the WHS football website. I also have a bunch of coach bios to post to that page - whew... I am deep into time debt with this football stuff, but also realize that my post on the BTP will end December 1st. Oh, and I almost forgot, I have to get the "apparel store" set up on the site, too... now that will be a new venture, having never set one up before - I love this learning curve!

I hope Collin gets to play tonight - he's probably not going to play much this season, due to the fact that he's been injured since the end of the seaon 2006... but oh, well... he's in GREAT shape for wrestling season :) and he's with his buddies!

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MC said...

Hey Mrs. B! Big smoochies to you for your new blog! All your football talk has me thinking I need to head your way and check out the Wolves one Friday night!