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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

TaDa Tuesday

It's much cooler.. by far. The Delta breeze is up to 15-20 mph. Had to lower all of the umbrellas in the backyard :) Somehow I've caught a cold - damn... but I won't dwell on that!
Yesterday the ad art session for de ja'vue Salon in Roseville was very successful - had a lot of fun in PS doing up her biz art, and my hair looks AWESOME. Cindy is such a wonderful colorartist! Here's a peek at her new ad art. I had Bob stop by a specialty store today to pick up this same mirror that Cindy has in her studio, for my photography studio - I just think the reflection photos are sooo cool off of this mirror.

Football is going great and the players are loving the website, and I'm having so much fun adding and playing with the site. This Friday we play Casa - GO WOLVES! Here's a line of merged photos of Collin from last Friday's scrimmage - so fun to see him back in the game, even though now he is on the injured list again after using his head to tackle someone in practice yesterday - ugh!

Today we have Miss B and Juno - nothing like having two babies in the house, even though one of them is only 2 lbs and wears a pink collar - LOL. I figured out in PS how to set up my web pages for ApertureArtNorCal, so will be starting to put that together - this is all so very exciting - my new venture!
Wishing you all a wonderful day!

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