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Saturday, November 12, 2011

In Memoriam

In memory of my dear sweet friend, KathyCan's wonderful Mother, Verlene. After having the great fortune of meeting my dear friend ten plus years ago online and then in person shortly thereafter, we have spent many days and nights scrapbooking together - every Friday when she lived in California, and now a couple times a week through Skype - she is my very cherished friend. One day, about ten years or so ago, I received a call from Kathy's Mother, Verlene - inquiring what scrapbooking supplies she should purchase for her daughter's upcoming birthday... I fell in love... and had the great pleasure of spending time with this wonderful woman over the years, she still called nearly every year for birthday gift suggestions for Kathy. Verlene took a spill at home a few years ago and wasn't able to return to her home, but improved enough to live in a beautiful assisted living facility in the Bay Area. About 18 months ago, Kathy asked her mother to come to Arizona to live with her and her husband. Verlene was tentative about the move and being a burden on her wonderful daughter, but decided to make the move. What a wonderful heartfelt, selfless gift to give her mother - to become her fulltime caregiver with the wonderful aid of Hospice. Kathy held her mother's hand with complete devotion as her mother passed away last week, embraced and surrounded with the love of her family. My heart breaks for my dear friend and with a heavy heart, full of love I made her this card. I hesitated to post the card, but today was Verlene's internment, and felt the need to share with you a little about Verlene and the sweet devotion of her daughter, my friend, KathyCan.

Think of your mother, hold her lovingly in your heart Always, whether she is still with you or has passed away.


CraftyLoops said...

Awww what a lovely lady Verlene sounds and her daughter too. These are never easy cards to make, but Im sure KathCan will cherish it dearly. It is really beautiful. Lee x

Linda said...

What a beautiful tribute to your friend and her mother. The card is stunning, but I love the sentiment. It is so comforting and so true. **Linda