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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Catching up

What a fantastic day! The wedding was awesome, and it was so wonderful having our ENTIRE family there!

The drive down was fun, the stay at the OC fairgrounds was great and very comfortable. I am so glad we chose to take the trailer - it is truly our home away from home. The day at DL was very fun, and seeing the little people enjoy themselves was the highlight!

After we got home on Sunday, my sister and I celebrated her birthday by going to see Tina Turner - the show was over-the-top, and we are still talking about it. That woman, 69 years old, is awesome and looks fabulous! Her voice is still amazing, and she can really shake it up the tina turner way!

We are in the throws of Halloween preparation... The ship looks awesome and Bob is helping Paul get everything together for the "carnevil" across the street. We estimate about 300 kids showing up! He's added so much this year! We will also be showing Pirates of the Caribbean in the front yard! He has about 2 hours of piratey music on the ipod that is hooked up to the palm trees and the lights blink to the music. He also added this cool light that makes the ground look like water - he's soooooo smarty piratey! Arrrrrr, Matey!

Football is also going great - looks like we are headed to the playoffs, which is a first for our HS football! I am starting to get a little sad, knowing that this is my last season as the field photographer for the team... I am a senior! :)

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