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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

After Midnight!

It's finally here... well, in a couple of hours, that is! TWILIGHT... Can't wait... 10 of us are meeting up at 10p tomorrow, starbuck's in hand! Planning a nap tomorrow, too :)

For the first time in 20 years, I am going to work for someone else - YUP... and doing something I totally LOVE, love, love - scrapbooking! Green Tangerines offered me a job on Saturday, and today I accepted. Beth brought up a lot of good points and enlightened me :) Thanks, Beth! I will head up one of their creative design teams, and I am a bit excited about the whole prospect. Kelly is very savy in the business world, having an MBA and all :) Of course, I will continue building my photography business, which I love, but need to get a bit of dollies rolling in - LOL.

Next week, I have portraits scheduled all week - mainly senior portraits, but also a couple of families and some children. Now, just to get a wedding or two a month - then I'd be set!

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