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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Toosday Triv

Okay, the movie was really cheesy and campy, but being with Bob and friends made the late night/early morning totally a treat!
I've been a busy Mrs. B... doing a lot of photography - this one I did yesterday of the sisters, and we had so much fun. I've known the Bartley's since Sara was 2 - now 21! The new restaurant downtown Roseville was nice enough to allow us to take photos inside - love how they turned out! Today, I'm headed to the old field to take more senior portraits, and hopefully can get a hold of another youngin to squeeze him in before dark tonight. Then tomorrow I have 3-4 more guys to shoot - should be fun - they want "urbanisc" shots. Saturday two family sittings... I'm so glad I'm busy this week! Now, just two weddings a month is what I need!
Here's a little collage I did of the girls!

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